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Making personal investment advice possible

Tobania took part in the API technology development at BNP Paribas Fortis. The Serenity Project.

Tobania took part in the API technology development at BNP Paribas Fortis. One of the projects focused on personal investment advice, by matching a portfolio to the profile of each investor who’s in the driver’s seat of his own investment portfolio.  This is called ‘The Serenity Project’


Information exchange on a higher level

To make this project possible, new Java API’s were being developed for the back-end
 AAA (authentication, authorisation and accounting) had to be integrated to make sure only the right profiles get network access. User examples in daily human language (when/ then) were used.

This BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) made it easier to translate the business requirements into information that the developers could work on. Test automation ran smoothly and made sure everything was tested before implementation. This way, we could make sure that the user requirements of the business were met. Overall, it made the team act as a coherent entity. 

A Value Based Approach (VBA) was followed, which means we want to do more than deliver a customised software. The advanced Java training of the BNP employees was a top priority: Tobania goes the extra mile for her clients. In turn, these team members provide the necessary financial information and the background of the bank’s daily operations. 
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